Santa Clarita Transit to suspend all commuter service on most local routes due to strike

Santa Clarita Transit was notified on Thursday, Sept. 28 of the union's decision to strike, suspending all commuter routes and the majority of local routes.

"We know that this strike is going to have a major impact on our residents who depend on Santa Clarita Transit to get to their jobs, school and other important destinations," said Santa Clarita Mayor Jason Gibbs. "We urge everyone to stay informed of what routes are not in service, so they can make alternate plans. We encourage both parties to continue bargaining in good faith and hope an agreement is reached as soon as possible for the benefit of our community and all involved."

The work halt could start as early as Oct. 2, 2023.

Santa Clarita Transit advises all passengers to arrange alternative transportation during this time period.

As a result of the strike, Santa Clarita Transit has suspended the following services:

  1. All Commuter Service
  2. Most Local Service, except for limited trips on Route 5,6 and 12
  3. Most DAR Service, except for urgent medical appointments
  4. Most Tripper Service, except for: Routes 628, 627, 623, 634, 621 

In order to accommodate students, Santa Clarita Transit has partnered with Hart District, who will run a staggered bus service. According to Santa Clarita Transit, all Hart buses will first run their normal schedule, then circle back to service additional schools.

Hart's bus schedule can be found at