Samantha Bee and Jason Jones: Being Married On 'The Daily Show'

Fun facts about Samantha Bee (Source: Wikipedia)

Samantha Bee is a Canadian-American comedic actress and author best known as a cast member on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In 2012, Bee surpassed Stephen Colbert as The Daily Show '?s longest-serving regular correspondent all-time.

Fun facts about Jason Jones (Source: Wikipedia)

In September 2005, Jones joined the Daily Show cast as a contributor. When his wife left the show in late December for family leave, Jones was promoted to a full-time correspondent. Thereafter, he won a significant following at The Daily Show, thanks to a few pieces on the Denmark cartoons, Carl Monday, and Laguna Beach. Before Rob Corddry left The Daily Show, he said: "Jason Jones has raised the bar too high. I just can't say the things he says to people."

His exposé on the real values of Wasilla, Alaska remains one of the most popular pieces on the Daily Show website. In 2014, Jones temporarily left The Daily Show to appear in a pilot for the sitcom Love Is Relative

'The Daily Show' airs weeknights at 11:00pm on Comedy Central.

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