Rubber ducky, T-Rex, penguin named new Monopoly pieces

The boot gets the boot, the wheelbarrow gets put out to pasture, and say "Ta ta" to the thimble.

These quintessential Monopoly game pieces are being replaced by a tyrannosaurus rex, a penguin and a rubber ducky.

The maker of Monopoly, Hasbro, Inc. says the new pieces are part of a broader plan to freshen up the game. The game and toy company held an online vote to choose the new game pieces, and animals, of one kind or another, were the obvious favorites.

"This is the most animal-heavy piece line-up we've ever had, and that sounds fine to us," Monopoly makers said on the game's website.

The new version of the Monopoly board game, called Token Madness, will be released in August. It includes 16 tokens - the new standard set of eight, which will be silver, and another eight that will be gold.

The new standard tokens are: the Scottish terrier, T. rex, cat, race car, rubber ducky, top hat, battle ship, and penguin.

Monopoly's ten original player tokens were an iron, purse, lantern, race car, thimble, shoe, top hat, battleship, cannon, and rocking horse. Hasbro, Inc. has only made changes to the lineup five times since the game was released in 1935.

Many expressed sorrow over the retirement of the thimble, but Hasbro suggested those unable to let go of the piece could find one at their local craft store.