Road rage turns into shooting, stabbing and gridlock on 10 Fwy

Road rage turned into a shooting, stabbing and gridlock on a major SoCal freeway Tuesday.

Around 4 p.m., Colton Police say a Honda driver shot another car's driver near the 10 East Pepper Avenue Exit, striking him once in the chest.

The two men kept driving for nearly 5 miles, until the victim rammed his car into the shooter's near the Mt. Vernon exit, launching it onto the embankment.

The victim's car spun, disabled in the opposite direction during rush hour traffic

The drivers got out. Violence continued.

Police say the shooting victim stabbed the suspect's chest

CHP closed all east bound lanes for nearly an hour while questioning witnesses and collecting evidence.

Paramedics transported both men with severe injuries.

Police say the men will be in the hospital for awhile.

Detectives haven't talked to them, so it's still unclear what the charges could be.

Remarkably - no one else was injured.