Riverside sheriff Chad Bianco hints at possible run for governor

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco hinted at a possible run for governor. 

While there is still no official word or announcement, he told FOX 11 that it's "definitely something that I am looking into."

California's seat for governor becomes vacant in 2026; current governor, Gavin Newsom, cannot seek a third term.

"I am very humbled that I have the support from San Diego to Oregon, from both sides of the aisle of people that want common sense, they want honesty, they want integrity. They want someone that they can trust in the governor's mansion. And there's no one running so far that offers that for Californians, for regular Californians," Bianco told FOX 11.

The conservative sheriff recently said state leaders have a "love affair" with criminals which he argued is based on a "belief that criminals are not responsible for their own actions." In the past, Bianco has slammed Newsom several times for his "pro-criminal agenda" and said the Democratic governor left the state's prison system in "complete disarray", allowing convicted criminals to be released early. 


"Things like this come up and it certainly sways me one way, that it is the right thing to do because California is starving for something different. And our options so far, we don't have new options," the sheriff added.

He said he's currently discussing the discission with his wife Denise. 

Those who have already thrown their hat in the race for governor are Tony Thurmond, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, and former state Controller Betty Yee. Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta said he is considering joining the race.