Ricky Schroder discusses new war documentary 'My Fighting Season'

Rick Schroder has come a long way from his child star days on the sitcom "Silver Spoons." The actor turned producer is all grown up - but says he doesn't mind if people still call him "Ricky."

"I've figured out that growing up takes more than dropping a 'Y' from your name," he joked Wednesday on Good Day LA.

Following his first docuseries about the war in Afghanistan, Schroder is the executive producer on a new series shot from the soldier's perspective, called "My Fighting Season."

"When I was in Afghanistan I would see soldiers go on missions and they'd have Contour helmet cams on them, and I'd always wonder what was on their footage," He explained. "So when I came back from Afghanistan I started reaching out to some of those guys and said, 'Can you share some of your footage with me?'"

The series takes footage from bullet cameras that were mounted to the side of helmets, and tells the stories of soldiers during a year-long deployment.

"I started getting in hundreds of hours of footage and some of the most compelling moments I've ever seen. I sat in my editing bay watching their footage, and you see the best of people, you see really hard things. You see something that makes you fall in love with the guys. You see stuff that makes you cringe," Schroder said.

Amid the complex realities of post 9/11 in Iraq and Afghanistan, Schroder says he just wants to tell the stories of the soldiers who are there.

"We all say 'thank you for your service' but none of us really understand what that means. What their service means," he said. "What do they do? How do they do it? How complex the modern battlefield is with the rules of engagement that they're in and trying to find an elusive enemy that wants to hide amongst the civilians."

"My Fighting Season" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Audience Network and on DirecTV.

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