Representatives Tour Aliso Canyon Facility Near Gas Leak

City, state and federal representatives for Porter Ranch toured the site of the gas leak near their homes Tuesday and later spoke to the media about what they saw.

"They should be pulling gas out of this facility as quickly as possible, whether they want to sell it at market price, or sell it at a discount. And of course they should continue their efforts with the release well," said Sherman.

SoCal Gas says that relief well has almost reached the target well. Congressman Sherman says he's not sure if SoCal Gas will live up to its expectation of stopping the leak by late February.

"There's no guarantee relief well one will be successful. And relief well two is behind the schedule I would have liked to have seen," said Sherman.

He says if crews are successful, there's still a lot of work to be done.

"Before they think they can operate this in the future, they need to shut it down. And open it up when there's real proof that it's safe. And they are so far from there," said Sherman.

SoCal Gas says it's been operating safely for decades.

" We are in constant mode of inspection. Maintaining the safety of these facilities. We are in constant interaction with the regulators and what we need to be doing to ensure safety," said So Cal Gas Spokesperson Mike Mizrahi.

The councilmember for the area, Mitch Englander, says he doesn't buy what officials say.

"I don't believe the regulators have been honest with the public. I don't think the regulators have been upfront and transparent with what they know. They just discovered 16 of the wells they tested had minor leaks. We know they've been voluntarily testing wells on an annual basis," said Englander.

A public meeting is set to take place at Granada Hills School Thursday at 5 p.m. Assemblyman Mike Gatto, the Utilities and Commerce Committee chairman, will question Southern California Gas Company and the California Public Utilities Commission over the Aliso Canyon gas leak during that time.

The hearing will be streamed at the following link:

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