Remembering A Friend and Colleague

There are also many truly sweet comments being made like "he was a wonderful man," "a good friend," "one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet." It's all true. He was a very outgoing guy who always had something nice to say and a smile to go along with it. He was an amateur radio enthusiast. Big time! Years ago he wrote several articles about his love of radios on my website He called them "The Other Side of the Control Room."

Only Bill could have walked me through that. One thing we had in common was Broadway musicals. I dare say, he loved them way more than me and I can "whistle a happy tune" with the best of them! When we talked "musicals" Bill would light up! He could tell me the names and histories of the actors and actresses who had performed roles on the stage. He recommended shows whenever I went to New York. He loved Broadway. And, even after his retirement from FOX, Bill and I stayed in touch on Facebook. I'll miss those chats. I'll miss this man. Bill Pasternak was of the good guys. A real mensch!