Racist 'promposal' picture of Palos Verdes High School students sparks backlash

A social media post involving two teens with a racist message is prompting a backlash.

The photograph posted on Twitter and Instagram shows two young people who attend Palos Verdes High School standing together and laughing near a brick driveway.

The boy in the photograph is said to have just delivered a "promposal," asking the girl to prom through a sign that reads: "Bianca you are racist, but I would give anything for you to go with me to prom.''

It gets worse. Whoever created the sign used a different font to bold and capitalize six letters on the sign to spell the N-word.

Palos Verdes High School is scheduled to hold its prom on Saturday.

Several students and parents have demanded in online posts that the school investigate the photograph, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Palos Verdes High School Principal Allan Tyner said in a statement that the two students and their families have been contacted "to inform them that we are forming a response and anticipate severe consequences.''

"In accordance with our values and expectations for respectful conduct in our district and at PVHS, this sign is unacceptable," Tyner said.

"We are also continuing to investigate the situation to determine who else may have been present when the photo was taken, and who took the photo," the principal added.

"However, we will not discuss the details of any school action or potential consequences for students as we have a strict obligation to protect privacy rights."

"At this time, I am asking all teachers and parents in our school community to join me in reminding our students that we live in a society that must respect diversity and tolerance. Indeed, this life lesson is critical and is one that school and home must partner to teach. At the same time, I am heartened by the immediate response by our students and families on social media that make it very clear that our community does not support this behavior."

CNS contributed to this report.