Racially derogatory letter sent to Highland school principal prompts parental concern

The San Bernardino City Unified School District hosted a parent meeting Thursday night after an elementary school principal received a derogatory letter containing a racial slur.

"Are my children safe with someone that is going to use that kind of language to a principal?" parent, Charisma Muldrew, asked.

Muldrew shares the same safety concerns as many Lankershim Elementary School parents who attended the meeting in Highland.

"The derogatory slur was aimed at the school principal, however two other African American female employees at the school were also included in the letter," district spokesperson, Linda Bardere, said.

District officials won't reveal what the letter said, but in the last three years this is the third time Principal Crecia Robinson has received a similar note.

While the other employees mentioned in the letter remain at the school, the district said the principal has decided to step down.

"It is really for her own health and well being that she had decided to look for another assignment here in our school district," Bardere said.

The most recent letter was discovered on Tuesday in a staff mailbox and officials believe the author is likely a staff member who has access to that room.

"If it's teacher, what are they teaching these kids? Are they teaching other children to be racist?" Muldrew asked.

"You are supposed to be setting an example for our children to love one another and to be there for one another, not hate," parent, Evett Ferguson, said.

The district, along with law enforcement is launching a criminal investigation since the letter violates harassment and discrimination policies.

"Our focus will be relentless on identifying this person, prosecuting this person and firing this person," Superintendent Dale Marsden said. "There is no middle ground on this issue."