Puppy shot by 18 BB's in Rock Hill to make 'remarkable recovery'

Brody the puppy is doing a lot better after being shot with a BB gun, according to the Ebenezer Animal Hospital.

Just in case you were wondering - Brody is doing very well! The most pressing issue in his schedule today is adequate nap time!

Officers with the Rock Hill Police Department say on Sunday, February 21 they responded to 1103 Springdale Rd. at the Wildwood Spring Apartments in Rock Hill in reference to a juvenile complaint.

Upon arrival, police spoke with a utility worker who said he witnessed someone playing with black puppy. He went back a few minutes later to find the puppy bleeding heavily from apparent stab and BB pellet wounds.

Kids said that someone who stays in the apartment complex stabbed the puppy multiple times and shot it with a BB gun, but they did not know who did it.

The officer put the puppy in a box in his patrol vehicle and tried to comfort it.

Upon further investigation, police say they discovered the puppy was abandoned by an unknown owner.

The puppy was transported to Ebenezer Animal Hospital where vets found 18 BB pellets in the puppy's body.

According to hospital staff, the 8-week-old Lab mix, who they've named Brody, is doing OK and recovering.

From Dr. Hreiz:

The patient was relatively stable on presentation and had some moderate pain from the number of wounds inflicted. The BB's are just under the skin and buried into deeper structure like muscle. We initiated fluid therapy and started Brody on pain control and antibiotics.

Since then he has done remarkably well. He is eating, drinking, using the bathroom, and behaving just like a small 6 week old puppy should. The wounds have already started to heal quickly since the initial injuries.

Brody is too young to surgically remove the BB's and may not need any surgery if they stay inert and inactive (which they usually do). For now, we will keep a close eye on him as he recovers and make sure he stays comfortable and loved! It truly is remarkable that after being shot 18 times, none of the projectiles were life threatening.

Brody will be available for adoption through Project Safe Pet (www.projectsafepet.com) and any donations for his care can be called into his account through the Good Samaritan Fund at Ebenezer Animal Hospital (803-366-1950).

This case remains under investigation.