Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Nick Ut retires from AP

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Nick Ut has taken some of the most influential photos of our time.

He hits the streets everyday armed with two cameras. He has been capturing unforgettable images for the last 51-years.

As an Associated Press photographer, Ut has covered everything: sports, fires, riots, presidents, the trial of the century, and many celebrities.

He says, "Almost 40 years in LA.. I do so many stories in LA." But it was far from LA, in Vietnam, where Ut began his career as a photojournalist.

After his older brother who was also a photographer, was killed on assignment, Nick went to the Associated Press and begged for a job. "They said, 'Too young, go home," says Ut. After much persistence, he was hired a year later at the age of 16.

For 10 years, Nick covered the Vietnam war, capturing so many haunting images. And out of the thousands war photos, one image of a naked young girl running, captured the world's attention. It became known as "Napalm girl" and it earned Ut, a Pulitzer Prize. "I said I don't know why she's naked. Then I saw her arms burned so badly…skin come off her body," says Ut.

After capturing the photograph, Ut put his camera down and rushed the girl to the hospital. That girl and her family are thankful Ut saved her life. He says, "They call me Uncle Nick, thank you so much for saving my daughter's life." Ut's pictures have been telling stories for the last 51-years.

Even though he will retire at the end of this month, Ut plans to continue to pursue his passion. "You will see me, I will take more pictures."

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