Private school in Westlake Village providing resources to help others transition to virtual learning

The rest of the school year will be done remotely. That's the word from districts in Southern California. 

The move from classrooms to virtual learning has been tough, but one local school is helping others make it an easier transition. 

With more than 600,000 students, some without access to the internet or a computer, the digital divide is making learning and teaching that much more difficult. 

Oaks Christian, a private school in Westlake Village, could be the help parents, students, and staff in need. 

A key to their remote learning success - the administration gave each teacher free reign. 

"We let the teacher be creative. We tell the teacher find out what works for you," said Oak Christian head of school, Rob Black. "What's going to work for your students what will make it exciting for your subject?" 

In hopes of being an example to other schools, they created a free list of all the tools they are using in the classroom. 

Here is the list of resources compiled by Oaks Christian available for anyone.

Getting feedback has been essential to navigating remote learning for Oaks Christian as well. 

"We are actually going to be having some minor schedule changes. They are trying to get input from the students' parents so they can do this in the most effective way," said Oaks Christian high school student, Asher Oyelowo.

Regardless of the school, public, private, big or small, the best advice is to keep it all in perspective. 

"What happens in the brick and mortar classroom cannot be completely 100 percent adapted to virtual classrooms to give themselves grace and to extend that grace to their kids," said Matt Northrop, Associate Head of School for Academics.