Pres. Candidate Jay Inslee: 'Impeachment should not be off the table!'

Most Democratic presidential candidates have avoided talking about Impeachment following the release of Robert Mueller's redacted report on Russian interference and potential obstruction of justice.

Not Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

On the political show "The Issue Is:," host Elex Michaelson asked the former member of Congress where we should go from here?

"Now, Congress needs to get to the bottom of this in a vigorous investigation and see where this leads. Impeachment should not be off the table. There should continue to be this investigation!"

Gov. Inslee said he has three main takeaways from the the Special Counsel's writing.

1. "It appears clear the Trump Administration was interested in trying to benefit from Russian interference."

2. "It is clear that the President tried and tried and tried to stop this investigation. He failed largely, but I think we ought to be disturbed he was making an effort to obstruct justice."

3. "Republicans and Democrats ought to join in that a President ought not to lie to us all the time. What the report concluded is this is a person who has not told the truth"

Michaelson asked Inslee if he believes the President obstructed justice?

"I believe we have to be very vigorous to get to the bottom of this in the U.S. Congress. Basically, Mueller said instead of the criminal justice system resolving this, Congress needs to and he did not make a conclusion. If Donald Trump tries to get up there and say he's no longer on the hook, that'll be one of the 10,000 lies he's told."

Like Democratic congressional leaders, Inslee is calling on Robert Mueller himself to testify.

He also wants the President to provide more information to Congress.

"We ought to get down and look at all his records. We ought to get his tax records and his business record to find out who he's really working for. You know, he ought to be working for us and frankly we don't have confidence in that right now."

Watch a clip of the exchange here:

Inslee's comments came in the midst of a wide ranging interview about climate change, health care, immigration and more for an upcoming edition of Southern California's only prime-time political talk show.

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