Pregnant woman killed after car hits her in parking lot; baby boy saved

Tiara Jones, a first-time mother, was seven months pregnant when she was hit by a car over the weekend.

Doctors were able to do an emergency Cesarean section to save her little boy, but sadly she died from her injuries.  

"Words cannot, I’m numb," said Stacey Peck, the victim's mother.

The family was preparing to welcome a baby boy into the world, but not like this.   

"They had emergency C-section so they had to get him out there was just blood everywhere it was oh my God," she said. 

Stacey Peck’s daughter – Tiara was hit by a car Sunday at the Country Court Apartments off Greenfield in Southfield.  


Tiara Jones

"He reversed, and then he hit her against my car - she got crushed between the middle," said Jevon Jones, witness. 

Jevon Jones was there. He's a friend of Tiara’s, and says when there were at the apartments. An argument between some friends broke out and she tried to help, when she was hit.  

"They were working on her, they were doing a good job she died twice they brought her back," said Peck.

The driver tried to run from police. Southfield police told FOX 2 he was caught, interviewed then released – pending their investigation - trying to figure out if this was negligence or on purpose.  

"I mean he looked as if he was in shock, like he couldn’t believe it happened," Jones said.  

Tiara’s 7-month old baby is still in the hospital but stable – the baby’s grandma says he doesn’t have a name yet, right now they’re trying now to plan a funeral.  

"She was beautiful, she worked every day, she was good people, she was everything," Jones said. 

Tiara Jones

Tiara Jones