Police chase suspects ditch car, begin exploring rural Newhall neighborhood

A two-county police chase takes a bizarre turn as a group of suspects ditched the car they were in and tried to blend in at a rural Newhall neighborhood.

The suspects, who were initially wanted in Kern County, led authorities on a chase along the 5 Freeway before crossing the Los Angeles County line and ditching the car in Newhall.

After hopping out of the car, the suspects went on a long walk across the neighborhood they stranded themselves in. 

During their bizarre misadventure, the four suspects passed by multiple farms and saw horses and cows. 

As the suspects were seen wearing dark street clothes, it didn't take long for authorities to track them down and handcuff them one by one in Newhall.

Officials believe the suspects were wanted in connection to an armed robbery. It is unknown which robbery case the suspect is connected to.