Police seeking intruder accused of lewd acts in Occidental College dorm

"It's scary to think that a man could just walk in and do whatever he pleases," said Occidental College freshman Cleo Juster as she described the disgusting events that she says unfolded Friday morning in her dorm.

"I noticed a used condom on the door handle of the stairwell," said student Lily Horne.

Horne and Juster live in Braun Hall, one of three residence halls where campus security says a man was spotted engaging in lewd acts.

Officials say it happened Friday between 7:30 and 11 a.m. when the suspect, described as a white or Hispanic man around 30 years old, managed to get inside the secure dorms.

"Someone had written really vulgar things on our white boards in our rooms. One girl had like a condom on one of her toothbrushes in our communal bathroom which is a shame," said Juster.

The students say the campus creeper then struck again.

"One of our friends from the building left her laundry in one of the dryers and the man rifled through. Took out her underwear and used it to be intimate with himself," Horne said.

Campus security is warning students to be extra cautious and be on the lookout for the suspect. In the meantime, the incident has caused fear among students of this normally safe and low crime college.

Campus security is asking anyone with information to contact them or the LAPD Northeast Division, which is also investigating the case.

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