Police: Good Samaritan stabbed attempting to stop fight between woman, rideshare driver

Two people were stabbed in Boyle Heights after an argument over a car seat escalated late Tuesday night, police said. 

A woman with a small child requested a rideshare service around 9:30 p.m. in the 3300 block of Sabina Street, located near the intersection of Lorena and Sixth streets. The argument began shortly after the driver arrived to pick them up, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The rideshare driver noticed the woman did not have a car seat for the young child, and he did not have one available for the child to use. An argument ensued after the driver informed them he would not be able to give them a ride without a car seat. 

A Good Samaritan heard the woman and rideshare driver arguing and witnessed the woman hit the driver and push him into a bush. The rideshare driver responded by brandishing a knife, according to the witness. 

The witness stepped in to help when he was stabbed, LAPD said. He was treated at the scene. The woman was also stabbed during the altercation and taken to a hospital. 

Arriving officers placed the rideshare driver in handcuffs before he was taken to a local hospital for injuries sustained in the fight. 

No one was arrested and no one is currently facing any charges, police said. 

It is unclear what happened to the child after the violent altercation.