Police: Fires set inside Walmart to cover-up shoplifting

A pair of East Point shoplifters went to great lengths to escape a Walmart they stole from, according to police.

Tuesday night, the thieves set three fires in different parts of the store located on Cleveland Avenue. Police think the fires were designed to create a diversion so the shoplifters could get away with their loot.

Watch video here

One fire was located in the grocery section, another in stationary and the location of the third fires isn't known. Police said the shoplifters used the commotions caused by the fires to run out of the store, taking a shopping cart full of stolen items. Those items, which haven't been identified, were chosen in advance, according to investigators.

No one was hurt in the fires, but they did do a significant amount of damage to the store's merchandise.

Police said the shoplifters escaped in a bright lime green get away car. Detectives hope that their unique vehicle, a late 90's to early 2000's sedan, possibly Buick, helps identify the crooks.

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