Point of View: California losing jobs

We might be living in the most business unfriendly state in the union.

According to a new study by Irvine based Spectrum Location Solutions, high taxes and over regulation have caused at least 10,000 businesses to leave California between 2008 and 2015.

Governor Brown commented during a meeting with Chinese executives that "We've got a few problems, we have lots of little burdens and regulations and taxes, but smart people figure out how to make it."

Well, businesses such as Toyota and Occidental are figuring out how to make it. To them, the smart thing to do is to leave California and they are moving over 9,000 jobs out of the state.

In fact the exodus of all these companies is only going to get worse because the restrictions and cost of doing business in California are just too high.

Most recently, Ashley Furniture, Walt Disney Parks and H.J Heinz to name a few have moved a combined 1,000 jobs out of state.

Small business owners, the backbone of a healthy state economy, are especially handicapped by these regulations, taxes and increased costs.

Then there are the companies that simply do not locate in the Golden State in the first place.

Governor Brown: Your attitude needs to change. Calling restrictive regulations and escalating taxes and overall costs "little burdens" is just plain ridiculous. They are big burdens that drive business away from California.

Governor Brown: You should order your Department of Business and Finance to find ways to seriously streamline and cutback regulations in every state agency that affects all California business.

Finally Governor Brown you should come out against Proposition 55 that would make the income tax increase of 2012 permanent. Creating a climate that is business friendly should come from the top and be a priority.

Thanks for listening.

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Bob Cook,
Vice President and General Manager
KTTV-TV, FOX 11 News

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