Photos of dogs voting will get you through Election Day

Election Day is finally here.

The comeback of the infamous "I voted" stickers are flooding timelines. The Election of 2016 is so popular that even four-legged friends have gone to vote.

Just take a look at these good dogs who voted:

Indeed, dog votes do count.

Piper didn't like the selections. However, this pupper still went out to vote!

These supportive pups applaud their dad for voting. #GoodHuman

We hear you pupper, biscuits win every time.

Like many great parents, this one urged their child to vote. What a good kid, they listened.

Snoopy for 2020!

This face say's it all-- I voted. #GoodBoy

If you haven't voted already, you really should. Click here to see, by a list of states, what time polls close.