Photographers discuss porch portrait trend as families immortalize pandemic

There is no doubt we will all remember this time in our lives and some families are finding a sweet way to immortalize getting through this moment in history with family portraits from their front yard. 

For many families, it's a way to remember getting through the pandemic together. 

"We don't have many family photos," Kelly Brett Posey said. 

Now, the Posey family has these photos to look back on forever.

"We are spending a lot of time together, so I thought... might as well document it," she said. 

Photographer Tara Engle took these photos of the Posey family, as well as other families wanting to capture this historic moment in their lives.

It's easy. All you have to do is step out from your front door and let the photographer do what they do best from at least six feet away. 

Talin Zak has also snapped stunning photos of Angelenos.

"For me, it was about capturing this time in our lives so that we have so we have a piece of history to take with us,"  Zak said.

"The reality is it is a really horrible time so this was a small piece of it that was going to bring joy."

It's a snapshot of a time we will never forget in our minds and in our photo albums.

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