Photographer doesn't notice giant gator behind him

A Florida wildlife photographer captured a scary moment on video Sunday.

Visitors at a central Florida nature preserve were focusing on their camera lenses Easter Sunday as a gigantic alligator crossed a path meant for park patrons. But it wasn't until photographer Alex Figueroa reviewed his footage when he returned home that he noticed there was more than one giant alligator among them.

As Figueroa and the other visitors were busy taking pictures and video of one huge alligator, another alligator passed right behind a man and woman -- and they had no idea.

The sneaky gator crossed the pathway just feet away from the unaware couple, who were distracted by the other gator right in front of them.

Both gators crossed the path and entered the water on the other side without incident.

The video provides an important lesson when it comes to Florida's wildlife: always be aware of your surroundings!

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