Phoenix gas station selling fuel way below the average: 'We are helping our community'

The owners of a gas station who practice the Sikh religion have decided to help people when they need it most, and they're doing it by lowering their gas prices in Phoenix.

They've actually been doing this during the winter holidays, but people need it now more than ever as gas hit record prices all over the country, including in Arizona.

"I found the gas prices to be so low yesterday, I thought it was a mistake," said Cher Lindsey, who was pumping gas.

Phoenix residents are more likely to see $5.99 at the pump, but not at C K Food Mart on Osborn Road and 20th Street. $4.99 is a shocking number, and it makes a world of difference to drivers.

"We are getting customers from California and all over the country because people will come here to visit," says CK Food Mart owners Jaswinder Singh and Ramandeep Kaur.

They decided to slash prices about 60 or 70 cents lower than their competitors, and they're doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, being motivated by their religious beliefs, when finances are tight for many families.

"We are trying to help our customers, our neighborhood, our community, so they can save some money. They can spend that money on something else like food, lunch, dinner," they said.

They aren't necessarily losing money on this, but they're not making any either. They've stopped accepting credit cards at the pump because they've been getting at least one or two calls a day from banks after people claim they never filled up their tanks and the couple has to cover the cost.

But most customers, like Lindsey, are grateful beyond measure.

"I just wanted to share my gratitude with the owner because I drove 95 miles yesterday for work … this is just an opportunity I couldn't pass up and I'm just grateful for it," Lindsey said.

The owners say being able to help others like this makes it feel like they're really making a difference.

"We are helping our community, our neighborhood," the owners said.

They don't know how long they can feasibly keep their prices low, but said they're going to try for as long as they can.

Current state of gas, prices in the U.S.

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