Philly police officer taken off the streets pending investigation after fight video surfaces

This video circulating on social media is causing a lot of concern. It shows a massive fight on the 1300 block of 54th Street in West Philly. But as wild as this looks it isn't the most shocking. Another part of the video shows a Philadelphia Police officer and a girl going at it in the middle of the street and the officer on top of the girl punching her over and over. We reported Monday night that police internal affairs is looking into it.

"The entire incident was ugly from start to finish," said Commissioner Richard Ross. He says they interviewed the girl who is a juvenile with her guardian present.

Commissioner Ross said the girl's story and the officer's story matched. But he cautions the video doesn't tell the whole story.

"The one thing that is not depicted in the video is the female indicated that she smacked the officer in the face and knocked her glasses off. She admitted that she did that and the officer admitted that she threw her to the ground and jumped on top of her and struck her several times," he said.

It's not clear what started the brawl but police say the initial call was for a person with a weapon. He says people should reserve judgment until the investigation is finished.

"We've interviewed several people some of who have already corroborated the stories we've been told. It's the viral world we live in and what we deal with and hopefully we won't have to deal with anything like this in the future," said Commissioner Ross.

The officer involved in the fight has been taken off the streets pending the outcome of the Internal Affairs investigation.