People involved in spat with George Lopez speak

The people involved in a heated exchange with famous comedian George Lopez are speaking out about what happened over the weekend.

The woman, apparently didn't like one of Lopez's jokes, and proceeded to let him know. Lopez reportedly didn't like her reaction. The spat between that woman, Lopez, and three other people were captured on video, and the audience involved were all kicked out of the theater.

The night was reportedly part of a birthday gift.

"We're really not mad at George Lopez, but we think he owes an apology at least, you know," said Juan Quezada. "We sat up front and paid all that money."

Quezada said it was a dream come true to see Lopez, but the dream quickly became a scene out of an embarrassing movie, when he and his friends were kicked out, over an incident that began with a joke over "rules" for a Latino family that, according to vide, touched on racial issues.

That's when Quezada's friend, identified as Lexi, made a joke of her own, which led to their eventual expulsion from the show.

Quezada said it was a surreal experience, but said at the heart of it, he believes miscommunication was involved.

"I'm 110% sure she didn't get offended over the racism joke about blacks marrying browns," said Quezada. "She just finally got offended when he kept coming at her. That's when she finally got offended."

As for Lexi, she said she hopes to clear up any misunderstandings about the night, and added that those who dishes out jokes should be able to take it as well.

"For everybody that's commenting that I cant take a joke, the comedian needs to be the one to take a joke," said Lexi.

Despite what happened, Lexi and Quezada both said they will definitely go to one of Lopez's shows again.