Pedestrian tries to get intentionally hit by vehicle

It's not every day that a pedestrian intentionally tries to get hit.

"She offered to let him go," said Nick Luu, who was exiting the 10 freeway on to San Gabriel Blvd.

His dashcam was rolling as a driver in front of him paused at a crosswalk to let a pedestrian cross.

"He didn't go. He waited until she started to move," said Luu.

Luu said the video shows the man intentionally running into the path of the car, hoping to score a payday.

"There's no doubt it was on purpose," Luu said. "After he got up he was like negotiating, maybe trying to do a deal, but I saw her pointing, like maybe she had a dashcam too."

He said she drove away without paying. Luu posted the video to Reddit and Facebook and shared it with police in hope of making others aware.

"My mom drives down that block all the time and I didn' want that to happen to her. She doesn't speak English and a lot of people because they don't speak English they might be compelled to give him some money to let it go away," said Luu.