Paramount families fear homelessness after new owners raise rent

The looming threat of eviction has residents of a Paramount RV Mobile home park fearing they could soon be homeless.

"I’m scared," said teenager Alex Sanchez. "I don’t know what’s going to happen to my Mom; she’s scared about the eviction." 

At least 10 families have received a 60-day eviction notices.

"Everybody keeps telling us that their hands are tied; it’s a civil matter, but it’s just not fair," said Desiree, a tenant who asked us not to tell her full name.

Many of the residents have lived at the RV park for years.

It’s the only place they’ve been able to afford in LA County. But their home, which used to be The Wheel Trailer Park, was recently sold. It is now Elijah Park LLC and the new owners are raising the rent a whopping 200%. 

"They raised my rent from $500 to $1500. It just doesn’t seem fair to all of us," said Jim Carver, one of the tenants. 

When the tenants told the new owners they couldn’t afford to pay a 200% increase in rent, they all received a notice of eviction.  

One of the tenants emailed the Department of Housing and Community Development asking if the new owners had a legal permit. To her surprise, the department had this to say: 

"Our records indicate that the new owners have not contacted HCD to amend the permit to operate, nor have fees been paid for the last four years." 

"It would be nice to have somebody step up and actually really help because, at this point, nobody has," Desiree said.

Fox 11 contacted the owners of Elijah Park LLC, but no one got back to us.