Palmdale residents react to Mayor Pro Tem's alleged history of alcohol-related incidents after DUI arrest

In a packed council chamber, residents of Palmdale voiced their frustration and concern over Councilwoman Andrea Alarcón's alleged history of alcohol-related incidents. 

The meeting saw a strong demand for her resignation, with accusations of a pattern of reckless behavior.

One resident, who identified drunk driving as a personal concern, expressed the gravity of the situation, stating, "Drunk driving is a personal thing to me, and it almost killed me."

"All we know of are the handful of times that you’ve been caught," another resident said. "How many more times have you driven drunk that you weren’t caught for?"

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Rich Gallego, President of the Palmdale Freedom Coalition, revealed that concerns about Alarcón's alleged alcoholism were raised over a year ago. 

Gallego urged her resignation, citing at least five documented incidents including arrests for public intoxication in Ventura County and a DUI in Glendale.  

"Since she’s been elected, she’s had no less than five alcohol-fueled incidents," he said.

Mario Presents urged the Council to take action.

"I’m asking the council if she does not resign to sequester her to limit her ability to put her community in danger," Presents said.

Some attendees expressed hope that Andrea Alarcon would also be stripped of her power. 

Despite the criticism, not everyone at the meeting shared the sentiment. Some expressed support and understanding, urging forgiveness and rehabilitation. 

Dr. Miguel Coronado emphasized the importance of a "heart of forgiveness" and giving Alarcón a chance to recover.

The City Attorney is now investigating all incidents involving Alarcón since her election. In the meantime, she has been stripped of committee assignments. 

Efforts to obtain a comment from Councilwoman Alarcón were unsuccessful.