Otsego woman bakes 3,500 cookies for police officers

An Otsego woman is bringing Christmas cheer to more than a hundred Minnesota police officers this week, as she bakes 3,500 Christmas cookies for the Minneapolis Airport Police.

Michelle Oliveira started baking cookies for her husband's police force 13 years ago. Over the years, her operation has grown from a few dozen to a few thousand.

She estimates she spends at least 40 hours mixing, baking, and decorating.

"I love to bake, and if I baked this many cookies, what would I do with them?" she said.

Her husband, Luis Oliveira, says his co-workers look forward to the delivery every year.

"About two weeks prior to the cookies arriving they start asking--even earlier that that-- 'are the cookies coming? When are the cookies coming? Is she baking again this year?'" he said.

With this being a busy travel week, Luis says it's ten to 12 hour shifts right through Christmas at the airport.

"There's nothing better than being thanked for doing your job," he said.

Michelle says she knows how hard it is for the men and women to be away from their families on the holidays, so she wants to do what she can to share the holiday spirit.

"He walks out the door--and he's not the only one--he walks out the door and misses out on family things," she said. "It's a small gesture, but if it makes somebody feel better, its worth it."