Oral surgeon accused of sexually abusing patients under anesthesia, police say

An oral surgeon in North Carolina is accused of sexually abusing at least four patients between the ages of 17 and 21 while they were under anesthesia.

The Wilmington Police Department said 55-year-old Michael Lee Hasson was arrested Thursday on three counts of sexual battery and one count of second-degree forcible sexual offense.

Hasson works at Wilmington Oral Surgery. Police say he's accused of sexually abusing his patients between 2017 and the present.

His bail was initially set at $1.25 million, but a judge on Friday lowered it to $600,000. Defense attorney Woody White argued the bond for the class C misdemeanor sexual battery charges was excessive because of a lack of evidence.

Prosecutor Connie Jordan said two sexual assault kits were pending. Additional charges are expected.

FOX 11 reported on this story from Los Angeles. The Associated Press contributed.