Ohio teacher faces termination after calling in sick to attend Nashville concert, reports say

FILE - Rows of lockers in a high school. (Photo by James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images)

An Ohio teacher was put on unpaid leave and faces termination after calling off sick for two days to attend a concert in Nashville, Tennessee, according to reports. 

Eileen Washburn, an English teacher at Lakota West High School in the Cincinnati suburb of West Chester, was placed on unpaid leave this week after a vote by the school board, according to FOX19, citing district records. 

Washburn allegedly "falsified sick leave" for February 8 and 9 to attend the out-of-state concert and told "several colleagues" about her plans, according to a Resolution to Consider Termination obtained by FOX19. 

The school board said during a disciplinary meeting, Washburn refused to answer questions regarding her whereabouts during that time or the specifics of her alleged need for sick leave.

Along with violating the teachers’ contract, Washburn is accused of violating Ohio’s "Licensure Code of Professional Conduct," and a number of board policies including sick leave and staff ethics, according to the resolution.

The board of the Lakota Local School District voted on Wednesday night to place her on unpaid leave and to begin Washburn’s termination process. 

It will next vote on her termination during their next public meeting on April 22 "unless Ms. Washburn files a written demand for a hearing within the time required," the resolution states. 

Washburn is also a Loveland school board member, another district located in the greater Cincinnati area, according to Loveland’s website

FOX19 reached out for comment from Washburn or a union member on her behalf but did not immediately hear back.  

The story prompted hundreds of comments online, with many coming to Washburn’s defense and noting the difficulties teachers face. 

"We earn that time off, it’s nobody’s business what we do on them. Mental health days are often what keeps us able to continue working," one commenter wrote. 

"She should absolutely not be fired. Teachers should be more valued than this, and they deserve mental health days. I feel bad for all she is being put thru due to this," another person added.

A third person called the move "incredibly petty."

"There is a national teacher shortage, I think we have bigger battles to fight," they wrote. 

This story was reported from Cincinnati.