Officers throw birthday surprise for boy after his birthday money was stolen

Police officers in Fontana threw a birthday surprise for a young boy after the money for his seventh birthday party was stolen from his mom's car.

Back on Aug. 10, officers were called to the Fontana Aquatics Park to investigate a vehicle robbery. There, they met Patricia who'd taken her 6-year-old son David for swimming lessons. When they returned to their car after their lessons, Patricia discovered that her purse, wallet, ID cards, credit cards and cash were all taken. 


The cash that was stolen was intended for David's seventh birthday party this weekend. Fontana police say that Patricia was devastated, and helped put together a birthday surprise for her son.

Officers got together with David and his mother on Wednesday. David got to take a look at a police cruiser and meet the department's canine officer. Officers sang David "Happy Birthday" and even gave him a bicycle. The family said it was a birthday they won't forget.