OC Weekly shuts down after 24 years

(OC Weekly)

After 24 years in print, the OC Weekly has abruptly closed up shop.

"Adios Motherf***ers! Today, the day before Thanksgiving, our owner Duncan McIntosh Company has decided to shut us down," the paper announced on their Twitter page Wednesday.

The paper's entire 19-person staff was laid off after closing out the paper's 2-decade run with a final cover story on the sports agent and real-estate developer Dwight Manley.

"Aaaand it’s a wrap," tweeted OC Weekly staffer Gabriel San Roman. "I’m grateful for my time as a Weekling and appreciative of all the opportunities to tell stories other outlets wouldn’t. OC Weekly 1995-2019."

Readers took to social media to voice their opinion and offer condolences:

"My condolences to all the OC Weekly homies who lost their jobs today. I have so many things to say about this. Can't say I didn't see it coming considering the new owner always gave me bad vibes during my time there & ofc the current state of alt-weeklies.😔 I'm here for y'all."

"I'm so sorry to hear this. a couple months ago I was sharing your story on the Anthem City Council's ticket deals.  it can't be replaced."

"Sorry to hear this, especially before the holidays. You all did a fantastic job. I've always appreciated your support of Tiki Oasis, Jesika von Rabbit, and all else I've pitched to your writers in the past. I hope better doors open to all OC Weekly writers and employees."

"Really sad to see this one go- it's a real loss to so many in Orange Co. Nothing else even close to read in this desert of anything that's truly edgy."

"You'll be missed, thanks for all the years of content I couldn't get anywhere else. Peace & love to you OCW staff past and present."

The OC Weekly was founded by Will Swaim in September 1995 serving the communities of Orange County and Long Beach. Voice Media Group owned the paper until 2016 when it was purchased by Duncan McIntosh Company, a publisher that owns other publications including Boating World and Sea Magazine.

Duncan McIntosh, OC Weekly. He looks out his Irvine office window. (Mindy Schauer/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images)

In a statement Wednesday, owner Duncan McIntosh is said to be in talks to sell the free weekly paper to an unnamed buyer, the OC Register reports.

"The Weekly has built a tremendous reputation for its hard hitting coverage that’s cost more than one self-serving government official his job. We hope to have more details after the holiday about the expected change of ownership by a local businessman,” the statement said. It also praised the paper’s journalists for their work “calling out those who were giving less to the county than to themselves."