OC teen loses life savings in stolen car scam

"It was my first car; everybody loves their first car," says 18-year-old Andrew Arenas, of Fullerton.   

He purchased a 2005 BMW 330ci for $4,000 and immediately transferred the title to his name. But less than one month after the purchase, a Fullerton police officer showed up at Andrews's house with guns drawn and ordered him to the ground. 

Andrew was terrified. 

"First thing in my head is don't move, don't flinch, I've seen all the videos. I don't want to be another statistic," he recalled.

Andrew was confused until officers explained that the original owner had reported the BMW stolen. 

"I was like, no, this is my car. I paid for it. It was under my name, and I was getting pretty frustrated because I was in handcuffs knowing that you're the owner of a reported stolen car," says Andrew. 

It didn't matter; officers told Andrew the man claiming the car was stolen was on his way to pick it up. 

This was the explanation: 

"The original owner had sold his car, and the guy he sold it to gave him a fraudulent check, and within that time, that guy sold it to another guy, and within that time, it was sold to me," Andrew said. 

Ultimately, the teenager lost the $4,000 and an additional $2,000 he put into the car. He's still trying to regain the car, but it's unlikely. 

His aunt, who contacted FOX 11 about her nephew's first car experience, has set up a fundraiser to help him purchase another vehicle. Those looking to help Andrew can click here.