OC parents concerned after pictures of students in locker rooms shared on social media

Parents in Orange County are concerned after discovering social media accounts, posting photos of students changing in the locker rooms at several Anaheim schools. 

One concerned parent, who wished to remain anonymous reached out to FOX 11 after being made aware of the photos, saying they're of students from Anaheim's Ball Junior High, seemingly taken by other students and shared on social media platforms like Instagram. 

She described the posts as including photos of "boys changing in their underwear.. boys getting finished using the urinal," and "a young girl changing in her undergarment."

She said she contacted police and the school. Anaheim Police confirmed that school officers were notified of the images and that they're investigating.

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The Anaheim Union High School District sent out a letter to parents saying in part, "We collaborated with law enforcement to report the posts to Instagram, resulting in one of the post's swift removal," adding that they are working with investigators to find out who is responsible for the account. 

The concerned mother though said no photos were deleted, just that the main account responsible for the posts went private. She said she wants more from the school.

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"I think the statement that they sound out is a little vague," she said. "I think that they need to state that their children are being photographed changing in the locker room and there is a possibility there could be worse photos floating around out there."

The school said it is holding classroom presentations about the seriousness of privacy issues. The mother said she believes the only way to resolve this is to flat-out ban phones on campus. 

Many parents FOX 11 spoke with were not aware of these social media posts, but even when they were told, not all agreed that taking away phones altogether was the answer. 

Some schools are looking into the use of pouches students can put their phones in during certain periods, for privacy reasons.