NY couple takes adult son to court to evict him

Christina and Mark Rotondo could not get their 30-year-old son Michael to move out. The couple from Camillus, New York, was so frustrated they made an unusual move--they took their adult son to court.

It worked. They won. A New York State Supreme Court judge sided with Michael's parents. Judge Donald Greenwood ordered Michael to get out of his parents' home right away.

During the proceedings, Michael had argued his parents did not provide him enough time to vacate.

"You know, stick with a six-month notice to quit is a reasonable amount of time for someone who has been depending on persons for support."

However, his parents told the judge they have been trying to get him to leave for months. They sent him five written notices and even offered $1,100 to help him start his own life. They also offered advice to help their son get a job.

Michael called his parents efforts "retaliatory."

Michael moved back in with his parents eight years ago after losing his job. While he lived under their roof, they say he didn't pay rent or help around the house.

The case has sparked interest around the country.

New York City family law attorney Howard Felcher called the case unprecedented. Because the judge ruled in favor of the parents, the case sets a precedent for other cases going forward and may spark similar cases. However, Felcher said that doing so should be a last resort.

Michael Rotondo said he will appeal the judge's decision. But considering he doesn't have a job yet, that might be difficult to do.