Numerade co-founder explains how AI tutoring is helping students

Tutoring by using artificial intelligence is helping students get the extra help they need with finals, SAT prep, and daily homework.

The co-founder and CEO of Numerade says technology is revolutionizing the online learning space.

Students benefit by receiving real-time feedback and personalized content, it’s cheaper and available 24/7. Right now, there are a million subscribers around the world.

Nhon Ma, co-founder of Numerade, has been working on this technology with his colleague for over a decade.

Based out of Los Angeles and having gone through the LA Unified School District system, Ma realized there are several issues with the education system.

 "I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to a private school in the Valley, and that really opened my eyes toward this discrepancy. I went to all my friends and peers and had access to amazing resources-- specifically tutors," said Ma explained. 

Ten years ago they created "Tutor Cast," which then evolved into "Numerade." The whole premise was to lower the cost of tutoring.

 "Imagine that you, we can digitize and record the knowledge of every single educator in the world into short-form videos and amass the world's largest short-form video content…a library of educational content. Essentially, every single permutation of a stem question have a video tutorial against where we have educators who are professional educators-- teachers creating this content for us," said Ma.

 Over the past six years, they’ve amassed 5 million expert-created videos, with a network of 60,000 educators.They also have another 150 million AI-produced videos.

MA said that having a hybrid approach is key.

 "What we're realizing and seeing within the data is that students are just kind of bombarded with a whole lot of A.I. content now and that when they realize and see a human produced video, we do see higher retention rates. And so I've been higher engagement in general. So I think, from a student standpoint, there's just a lot of A.I. fatigue out there," said Ma.

Numerade is a subscription service – a monthly fee of about $20 and content spans from middle school through college.

While a lot of college students are using the service-- 50% of users are K-12 students.

You can do a 7-day free trial and see if it works for you.