North Hollywood woman's French bulldog stolen in follow-home robbery

A North Hollywood woman is pleading for help finding her French bulldog after the dog was reportedly stolen in a follow-home robbery at gunpoint.

Kristina Rodriguez said her dog, Moolan, which is turning two in May, was stolen on Friday on Rodriguez' birthday at around 5:45 p.m. Rodriguez believes she was followed home after leaving work at 'Cookies,' a dispensary in the Melrose District.

"I believe I was targeted because I had my French bulldog and my friend had a chain on, a pretty flashy chain," she said.

She said the two of them got into her car with Moolan, and headed to her home in North Hollywood on Klump Avenue. 

"As soon as I pulled up to my house here, we didn't even get a chance to get out of the car when there were three people at [the side of] our car, two on my passenger side and one on my driver side and one of the first things they yelled was where's the weed?" said Rodriguez.

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Rodriguez said there were four suspects, three were men and one was a woman. She said at least two of the male suspects had guns. 

"I was just so scared and I really just want my dog back. It's [follow-home robberies] something that's been happening a lot out here in LA and it's scary that I have to even worry about taking my dog outside," she said. 

Rodriguez' purse and phone were also stolen, and her friend's chain was stolen as well. She filed a police report and LAPD is investigating the case. 

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In the meantime, Rodriguez has been putting up fliers and is urging the public for help. 

"She (Moolan) has a white skin tag on her lip that's pretty noticeable. She's a really distinct looking Frenchie. She almost looks like a Boston terrier. If anyone tries to sell you this dog, please contact me. This is my dog. This is part of my family," said Rodriguez. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact LAPD.