North Hollywood rapper shares story of survival after being shot during follow-home robbery

It’s a story few live to tell.

Musical artist Wakko the Kidd survived after being shot six times during a robbery in North Hollywood earlier this month.  

Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department said the rapper and his friend were targeted. During the early morning hours of Sept. 1, they were followed after leaving a recording studio in Hollywood. When they pulled into the driveway of the musician’s North Hollywood home, they noticed a white SUV that was parked in the street. As they got out, a group of men in ski masks ran towards them with guns drawn and started shooting.

"When I was burying myself under the car [I thought] this is so sad. This is how it’s going to end," he recalled.

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His friend, audio engineer Caleb Perez, was struck ten times by the gunfire. Some of Perez’s injuries included a shattered pelvis and broken ribs.

Overall, LAPD crime scene investigators said the robbers fired 26 times.

While bleeding everywhere and in and out of consciousness, the rapper managed to call 911. When first responders arrived, the two were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

"All I can say is I spoke to the higher power and he gave me two options and I don’t expect anyone to understand or believe me unless they’ve been through something like me," Wakko the Kidd said.

Two days after he was released from the hospital, the rapper was already back in the studio pursuing his passion. He says he still has so much living to do.