North Hollywood families say arrival of LA Family Housing brought violence, crime

From audible death threats to drug use out in the open – these are some of the things families in North Hollywood are dealing with.

Ever since an LA Family housing complex and a homeless shelter moved into the area, residents living on Simpson Avenue say they don't feel safe.

"There's always someone fighting, screaming and yelling. There's been a few people shot as well, a few people who's been stabbed. It's just insane. It's crazy," said Monica Gonzalez, a North Hollywood homeowner.

Another resident said they found drug paraphernalia.

"We've had people passed out," said the resident who asked to remain anonymous. "People sitting there that look like they're no in their two cents."

Arturo Rangel lives at the homeless shelter across from Monica's home. He agrees that the residents in the neighborhood have to put up with a lot of things.

"You see a lot of drama out here in the streets," said Arturo

"So you don't blame them for being upset?" asked FOX 11's Gina Silva.

"Yeah, I don't blame them at all," he responded.

Arturo is also tired of the violence haunting North Hollywood. He has the scars to prove it.

"Right here and right here in the shoulder," Arturo said, in reference to a man attacking allegedly him with a machete. 

Arturo said the shelter is just as dangerous as the streets.

"The security, they suck," he said. "People are bringing in weapons and knives."

Marvin Lopez, who stays at the homeless shelter, moved into North Hollywood after he was attacked by a hatched by another man at a homeless encampment in Lake Elsinore.

Lopez admits, even in his new home, problems can turn violent in seconds.

Homeowners in the area say they don't understand why the city of Los Angeles would endanger a working-class community.

"We just want some peace and quiet," Monica said. "This neighborhood, I don't understand why this facility [was] built in a family, neighborhood and community. It should not be here."

FOX 11 reached out to Mayor Karen Bass' office and we received the following statement:

"The Mayor's office continues to work with our partners to urgently confront the homelessness crisis impacting communities across Los Angeles."