Michelin adds 5 restaurants to California Guide

Looking to try something new? 

Michelin on Tuesday added five restaurants to its California Guide - ranging from Mediterranean and Italian to Indian and Mexican cuisines.

Here are the five restaurants that made the cut, and what the inspectors had to say about each one:

Cedro Italian Restaurant 

"Don't let the strip mall location fool you—this place is especially inviting, and the food is authentic Italian in both technique and flavor. Skillfully made by hand, pasta dishes rank high."

Recommended: Tagliatelle, ossobuco, tiramisu, pana cotta  

Elf Cafe

"It's a wine bar, so expect a nice selection of bottles, but there's also cider and beer, as well as non-alcoholic offerings. Originally fully vegetarian, Elf Cafe has tweaked its Mediterranean-minded menu to now include animal proteins."

Recommended: Lamb skewers, maitake, warm date cake  

Lola Gaspar

"It's all about quality over quantity here. Happy hour discounts make sampling it all a tempting proposition. Tacos are made with handmade flour tortillas topped with a grilled tomato and dried chili salsa and filled with everything from sauteed shrimp to pork shank carnitas and suadero. "

Recommended: Tacos, quekas, churros


"Clean and modern with pops of bright red to keep things playful, this spot from Chef Bernhard Mairinger is Austrian centric but draws influences from around the globe. The dishes are shareable and the wine list is as interesting as the menu, with selections skipping across central Europe."

Recommended: Steak tartare paprikash

Manohar's Deli Palace

"Manohar's Delhi Palace is a mainstay thanks to their delicious Punjabi cuisine, and there's a welcoming vibe about this place, where the waitstaff is especially friendly and attentive. Indicative of its north Indian focus, the food here leans on the milder side, so don't expect an onslaught of spices."

Recommended: Samosas, chicken tikka masala, gulab jamun 

March's restaurants include Little Fish, Amour, Lou's Cafe, Quarter Sheets, Pollo a la Brasa, Sawa, Uka, 7 Adams, Funke, and Sushi Sonagi.