Newhall church members helped find body of Michael Weiss

A missing persons mystery has been solved, but not by investigators.

Instead by dedicated members of a Newhall church who helped someone they did not even know.

Michael Weiss, amidst the grief of losing his oldest child Matt, couldn't say enough good things about the church group that help find his body this past Saturday.

"They were awesome'' Weiss told FOX 11. His son, bipolar and schizophrenic, had been missing for almost two agonizing months. A search described as ''extensive'' on the ground and air by the LA county sheriff's department turned up nothing.

When a non-denominational Christian church called Elevate in Newhall heard about this, they organized a search group of about sixty people this past weekend in the Newhall foothills where Matt liked to hike, and found his body in a deep ravine. ''Closure'' is what the church members told me this was about, as well as helping a member of the community, even though they weren't members of the congregation or in fat known to the group at all.

Closure is a term we often hear, regarding tragedy, murder, loss, death, and some say there is no such thing, but at least the Weiss family had some degree of it in knowing what happened to Matt, though we still don't know how or why he died at only 21-years-old .