Navy: Sonic booms likely caused by two jets

The tremors that affected New Jersey Thursday afternoon took place after a pair of jets flew in test ranges, the military confirmed to FOX 29.

According to NAWCAD, the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, the booms were caused by a "perfect storm" of weather, speed and directions.

Booms can occur due to flight speeds, direction of flights and weather conditions and the usually try to avoid certain conditions to avoid causing booms according to NAWCAD's Bill Couch. The test ranges originated at Naval Air Station Pautuxent River in Maryland.

Numerous social media reports Thursday afternoon noted repeated shaking and/or tremors throughout the state of New Jersey and even other parts of the East Coast, leading to speculation of an earthquake. However, the US Geological Survey said on its Facebook page that the event was caused by a sonic boom, near Hammonton, N.J

FOX 29 meteorologist Kathy Orr explained what sonic booms are and why they caused tremors today: