Naked woman stabs boyfriend near film production site in Burbank, police say

Police are investigating a stabbing in Burbank that occurred very close to a film crew recording a movie scene at Vickroy Park.

The stabbing happened on Thursday afternoon after a domestic incident was reported at a home along West Monterey Avenue. Then, police say a naked woman chased her boyfriend out of the home with a knife and towards Vickroy Park.

"That’s wild," said Miguel Torresblanco, a park visitor. "We never see that kind of thing here in Burbank.  For the most part, it’s a very quiet city."

The victim was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. Police arrested the naked woman at the crime scene.

The park had been generally closed Thursday morning for the movie scene.  A member of the film crew spoke with Fox 11 off camera and said they initially thought the woman with a knife, could have been part of a different movie being recorded nearby.

The film crew member said they hired a Burbank police officer to work security at the park on Thursday.  At one point, the crew member believed the officer had to tell someone dribbling a basketball to keep the noise down. Moments later, the stabbing occurred.  

"That’s some ****," said Shelle, a nearby resident. "That is so weird, especially for Burbank. No wonder there were so many police officers here."

The movie worker said their security guard, a Burbank police officer, confronted the woman at gunpoint and got her to stop stabbing her boyfriend. The worker believes the police officer saved the man’s life.