Motivation replaces mirrors at Strawberry Crest High

Generally speaking, it's the epicenter of insecurity on a high school campus: The girls' bathroom, a place where nitpicking teens are a dime a dozen.

But over the long weekend, something simple but special happened at Strawberry Crest High School. The mirrors came down and a student-led design team moved in.

"I thought it would take down all the negativity amongst girls and inspire them to be better," Strawberry Crest senior Danielle Wynn said Monday.

She's part of a group of students from two of the school's clubs who renovated four girls' bathrooms for the better. In one day, dreary white walls were replaced with cheerful colors. Daunting mirrors are now wrapped in wallpaper or chalkboard paint and motivational messages.

"It was phenomenal. I couldn't believe it," Principal David Brown said Monday.

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The whole project was organized, executed, and expensed by Strawberry Crest's student government. It's sparked a school-wide dialogue about looking past appearances. Educators say it's a lesson plan learned outside the classroom.

"You want to teach students the basics, but you also want to teach them how to feel empowered and that they don't need someone to tell them they're wonderful or beautiful or smart. They need to empower themselves," Brown continued.

Boys aren't excluded in this. Strawberry Crest High's student government plans to tackle to boys' restrooms, too, hopefully this summer. The kids say they hope other schools in the district follow their lead and go mirror-less.