#RideLikeMo: Cycling community honors Moriah Wilson following tragic death

On Tuesday, U.S. Marshals continued their search for Kaitlin Armstrong, the 34-year-old Austin yoga instructor and realtor accused of murdering Anna Moriah "Mo" Wilson

The San Francisco athlete was shot and killed inside a friend's home in East Austin ahead of a race on May 11. 

The cycling community is honoring the 25-year-old elite athlete with the #RideLikeMo

"It just means to ride with confidence. And with a tenacity that could be inspiring to other people and to be kind and to be humble and not to forget that every day is a gift," said professional cyclist Rose Grant. 

Grant rode with Wilson. More than a decade her senior, the two were fierce competitors yet had a unique mentor-mentee relationship. 

"I would probably have never raced more scared of anybody in my career as having her out there because she just had so much grit and was incredibly strong," said Grant. 


According to Austin police, Wilson dated Armstrong’s boyfriend, cyclist Colin Strickland, briefly last year while the two were broken up. 

Wilson and Armstrong re-connected on May 11 while she was in Austin. The pair swam at Deep Eddy and ate dinner at Pool Burger. Surveillance video shows a vehicle detectives believe belongs to Armstrong pull up to the home Wilson was staying in just one minute after Strickland dropped Wilson off at the home. Strickland had lied to Armstrong about his whereabouts.

"I think the tragedy of it and just the sadness of the evil in the world is the hardest thing to overcome," said Grant. 

Armstrong’s father appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday. Addressing the camera directly he said "We love you Katie and we are going to figure this out." He added, "I know her. I know how she thinks and I know what she believes and I know that she just would not do something like this. I know her. I know her." 

In a statement Wilson’s parent’s said "...at the time of her death, those closest to her clearly understood, directly from Moriah, that she was not in a romantic relationship with anyone."

"I have never felt like. I could, would have wanted to take anyone's place. But I feel like at this point in my life. I've experienced motherhood, I've experienced marriage, I've experienced a basically full career of bike racing. Every potential in that area. And for the first time ever, I felt like I wish I could have taken her place. Aside from of course, wanting to see my daughter grow up," Grant said. 

In a statement Tuesday Red Bull Media Senior Vice President Carly Loder told FOX 7 Austin the company will continue to sponsor Strickland. She explained, "...Strickland has been a friend of Red Bull for more than 4 years."