Monterey Park officials want to regulate food trucks throughout the city

A battle is brewing between city officials in Monterey Park and the popular food trucks scattered throughout the city.

Some council members say the number of trucks parking for business is out of control, while others say the trucks' presence is wanted.

Heavy traffic floods streets everywhere in Los Angeles and Atlantic Boulevard in Monterey Park is no different.

But some city council members are saying food trucks are bringing more traffic to an already busy street.

"Stop complaining," said Victor Arevalo who was eating at Ridges Churro Bar.

Alfred Li, who was grabbing dinner after work, said the trucks had nothing to do with everyday rush hour.

"There's already enough traffic on Atlantic anyway."

Regular customers say they've never seen any accidents caused by the trucks parked outside the Ralph's grocery store parking lot.

"I mean they're not really blocking traffic right now," Michelle Hernandez said. "It's going smoothly."

One driver said there may not be accidents, but the trucks are giving her a headache.

"There's a lot more cars and more moving traffic and stuff," Jasmine Aguayo said.

The city council says there has been complaints of blocked driveways and littering and now the city is looking to make changes at this unofficial food truck hangout.

Even considering limiting the amount of time a truck can park at any one spot.

"I feel like that's not more--that's not the good truck's fault that there's litter," Kelvin Huang with Ridges Churro Bar said.

Owners and employees working at these popular mobile restaurants say cutting back on hours will affect their livelihood.

"Our customers are happy," said owner of Chinese Street Food, Dongkui Ao. "That's the fact."

The truck owners fear they will be forced to move to another location.

"If they're going to push us away they might as well just been all the trucks because it's kind of pointless," said Sin Chang.

Because they know, the food truck business's success thrives off a convenient location for busy customers often on the go.

People like Brina Okamoto.

"it's right here. I don't want to go even--we're close to LA as well. But I like that it's just here."