Swatting call leads to lockdown of two Monrovia schools

Amid a sweep of swatting calls nationwide, students and staff at Monrovia High School and Monroe Elementary School were placed on lockdown Thursday afternoon.

Monrovia Unified School District Superintendent Ryan D. Smith informed parents that someone reported an active shooter at the school. Monrovia PD immediately responded to the scene, however, investigators said the threat was not credible and there was no evidence of an active shooter or violence of any kind.

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Lockdowns were lifted just before 2 p.m.  

Read the full statement below:

Dear MUSD Community:

About 30 minutes ago, someone called 911 to report an active shooter at Monrovia High School.  As per protocol and out of an abundance of caution, the school immediately went into an emergency lockdown.  As a precaution, due to the proximity to Monrovia High School, Monroe was also placed on lockdown.

The Monrovia Police Department responded immediately and is currently on scene.  It appears as though this is not a credible threat.  There is no evidence of an active shooter at the high school and there has been no violence of any kind.  This may have been a "swatting" incident where a fake call is made to law enforcement in the hopes of eliciting a massive emergency response.  We have heard that schools in other districts may have received similar calls. 

The police will wrap up their sweep of Monrovia High School as quickly as possible.  As soon as they do and both of our schools are no longer on lockdown and conditions return to normal, I will provide an additional update.

The high school has a reunification plan to reunite parents with their children. School will remain in session for the day for students who can't go home.