Mobile shelter for homeless, EDAR, invented by LA non-profit

With the homeless crisis came a call to action, an invention by a local non-profit. The Man/Kind Initiative created the EDAR, a mobile shelter for transients. It's the latest in their works of compassion. 

EDAR (pronounced ee-dar) stands for "everyone deserves a roof." It's like a portable pop-up tent. An EDAR costs about $800 to make. There are about 300 placed across the U.S. 

Man/Kind Initiative co-founder Richard Stellar says they are placed near services for the homeless. Stellar says the EDAR is not the solution to the homeless crisis but it is "a" solution. 


The Man/Kind Initiative is trying to raise a million dollars to EDAR house and feed one thousand people. The music behind their fundraising video is Paul McCartney lending a 1970's song from his first solo album titled Junk and honoring memories. Stellar says one unhoused man told him "memories are all I have."